Lego Technic, What Else?


This is my second motorized bike. Features front suspension, pneumatic rear suspension, lights and it is fully remote controlled.

Completion date: May 2011
Power: electric (Power Functions)
Motors: 1 x PF XL, 2 x PF M
Suspension: Front and rear

When i build this bike my intension was to focus on the design. It does look better than my previous motorcycle, but not as good as i hoped. The reason to this is the rear air suspension which acquired a compressor and that took a lot of space. The compressor is driven by an M-motor and the valve is controlled by the same motor. This makes it very easy to both raise and lower the motorcycle. It uses a XL-motor for drive and a chain connects the motor with the rear wheel. For steering i used knob wheels and a M-motor. The front working suspension. Underneath the motorcycle is a spring loaded axle with support wheels in both ends, for balance. I had to make it spring loaded so i worked with both lowered and raised rear suspension.

Some pictures of the bike:



Here is a video!


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